12 week "Get me to the wedding" summer challenge

Hey there! 

May the 3rd is the 1 year anniversary of ABBsolute Coaching, and in honour of that, I want to realise my biggest and best challenge yet….

The 12 week “Get me to the wedding” challenge starts on  MAY THE 3RD and will finish on July the 25th, just in time for the school holidays. 

I'm sure you are thinking, “why the name?”

Well, I had a thought... Everyone has missed some sort of big event over the last year, right? I know I have missed at least 2 weddings and a ton of birthdays. So why not come up with a challenge that will motivate everyone to work towards getting themselves in the best shape of their lives so you can show everyone that you won lockdown! 

Look, it doesn’t matter if you have a wedding coming up or not. Perhaps it’s a festival, or party, birthday, christening, bbq’s, bar mitzvah, or a weekend away with your partner/pals, or maybe you have just sunk into a couple of bad habits and need a motivational push to get back on track! Well, I’ve got you!

Take a look at what is involved:

  1. In-depth expert Exercise and nutrition consultation

  2. A 12 week live and recorded workout timetable with a choice of 8 workouts per week. ALL LIVE WORKOUTS ARE RECORDED AND CAN BE REWATCHED AT ANY TIME, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE ON CAMERA. IN FACT, MOST PEOPLE WON’T BE.

  3. 12-week tailored exercise plan through your coaching app

  4. 12-week tailored nutrition plan through your coaching app

  5. 5 live workouts each week via zoom outdoor/indoor (as part of a 12-week pre-planned workout timetable)

  6. 3 recorded workouts each week (as part of a 12-week pre-planned workout timetable)

  7. Motivational challenges - step challenge, burpee challenge, squat challenges, activity challenges, cooking challenges plus more!

  8. Motivational support closed social media page 

  9. Motivational and informational weekly emails on how to live healthy during the summer months

  10. 2 x Live webinars

  11. Plus, for the first time ever get the opportunity to win your entry fee back!

  12. End the challenge with a team get together on the beach!

  13. Most importantly - Bi-weekly client check-ins. These are what make a real difference in how much progress you make! 

I am looking to take on no more than 20 people from May the 3rd to July the 25th. As always I don’t like to overcrowd my challenges so I am able to offer a truly bespoke and personal service. This is why I am after 20 people who really want to make a difference this summer and want to be at their ABBsolute best.

This challenge will be where all my focus is, for three months I will be taking this journey with you. Bringing nothing but my usual upbeat and positive vibes to each and every workout.

The price for this challenge will be £149.99 Which is cheaper than a gym membership! Here are some benefits of taking on this challenge...

  • No need to go back to the gym

  • Get nonstop motivation!

  • Be part of a team this summer! 

  • Make your training fit around your lifestyle

  • Stay risk-free from covid

  • Train anywhere - at home, on holiday, in the garden, at the park, with a friend or in your front room.

  • Work with an experienced and qualified personal trainer for 12 weeks 

  • Learn how to manage your nutrition in the summer months

  • Get all the usual benefits of having your own personal online coach. 

  • Who wants to go inside a sweaty, enclosed gym with all those people anyway? 

Here is a rough guide of the proposed workout timetable 

All LIVE workouts are recorded and can be accessed at any time! Times may vary.




Monday 6:30 am - Monday morning sweaty HIIT LIVE! 40-minute full-body sweat fest to start the week right. Low technical session, just move and sweat.

Monday 6 pm - Monday evening quick ab blast LIVE 16-minute core workout. 

Tuesday - rest day - 15 minutes recorded stretch and foam roll session 

Wednesday - Morning pre-recorded leg session accessible at any time 40 minutes 

Wednesday 6 pm -  Leg session LIVE! 40 minutes all legs! 

Both sessions will be the same

Thursday 6:30 am - Upper body and core sweat! LIVE! 40-minute upper body, core and sweat session.

Friday - Pre-recorded high energy legs and core available all-day

Saturday - 8:30 am Full body Equipment session - IT DOES NOT MATTER WHAT EQUIPMENT YOU HAVE, OR IF YOU HAVE NON - 40-minute session hitting the whole body ready for the weekend. LIVE

Sunday - Rest day No workouts programmed

Get The whole 12-week program from front to back for £149.99

Commonly asked questions:

  • Will, I get personal coaching and workout options throughout the program that aren’t the live or pre-recorded sessions- YES

  • Will the live and pre-recorded sessions be suitable for all abilities? - YES

  • Do I get access to all the live workouts at a time that suits me? - YES

  • Do I get a bi-weekly check-in to talk about how everything is going? - YES

  • Will I receive a flexible, tasty and fully personalised nutrition program for the whole 12 weeks? YES

  • Will the challenges on the 12-week challenge be optional - YES

  • When do I need to pay? - As soon as possible, spaces are limited

If you have any questions regarding any of the above please drop me a msg, you can request a phone call if you wish, I’d be more than happy to chat through the options and answer any questions you may have regarding the challenge. 

This challenge is going to be my best one yet and I’m super excited to take you on this journey with me...LET’S GET THIS!

If you are happy with all the details laid out above and would like to book your spot on the challenge please drop an email to abbsolutecoaching@gmail.com with a YES SI!

Healthy regards, Si