Join our 8 week wellness challenge

Want to be able run around all day with the kids?

Have a certain pair of jeans or dress that you are dying to where again? 

And you've tried every diet and exercise program going?

"a sign of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting the same results"

Firstly before we continue, if you are looking for another diet or a quick fix then this isn't for you, please click off this website and go back to weight watchers...

I don't mean to be harsh, but I only want to work with clients who are ready to make proper, real, life long change. 

Okay? Good! 

So, this is an 8 week wellness challenge where we look to change the way you eat and exercise for good, so that you can get to your desired weight and stay there. 
I hate to use the sentence "weight loss" it's dull and has no place in 2020. 
I prefer to use the term wellness.

Wellness = To look at our selves in the mirror and think YES! I look amazing and I feel bloody awesome every day!

Doesn't that sound much better than "weight loss" 

Now... as I said, if you are looking for "weight loss" then please turn back now.

If WELLNESS sounds more up your street then please read on. 

How do we achieve wellness? 

  1. We start eating the right things.

  2. We stop restricting all the things we want to eat. 

  3. We do the right kinds of exercises that are best suited to us and our lifestyle, body type and most importantly - movement ability.

  4. We stop letting barriers get in our way and learn how to side step around them. Meaning we never go back to square one ever again!


If you want to achieve wellness then hit the button below 

So what is actually involved in our 8 week wellness challenge?

  • First off you take our expertly designed exercise and nutrition consultation forms, we want to know everything there is to know about you. 


  • Then receive your introduction package - This will guide you through everything you need to know to get started on the challenge. 


  • You will then receive your 4 nutrition guides - 3 high protein and 1 vegetarian. These guides will instantly start given you the energy you need to sustain a busy lifestyle. 


  • Get access to your very own online coaching platform, here you will find your tailored exercise plan plus your weekly guide to habit change.


  • From then on, keep an eye on your inbox as it will constantly be updated with heaps of invaluable content on how to make all the necessary changes to your lifestyle to keep you moving forward on your weight loss journey. 


  • Need to ask a question? Hit the chat button and get access to one of our coaches straight away.


  • Get access to the 8 week challenge group page where you will be able connect with many people just like you. 


  • Get a scheduled call every fortnight from one of our performance  coaches, to talk about....well just about anything you need to talk about!

Here is a quick list of things we get asked on the phone calls >>>>

  1. How much protein should I be eating every day?
  2. Why are foods high in fat so filling?
  3. Can I eat dark chocolate everyday?
  4. Can I save all of my prescribed calories to the end of the day?
  5. Can I save my calories up throughout the week for the weekend? 
  6. Are protein shakes any good? When should I have them?
  7. Should I have a cheat meal every week?
  8. What type of yoghurt is best? 
  9. Can I still eat biscuits?
  10. Why are planks so hard? 

We are always more than happy to answer all these questions...


I have a question now, are you ready to make real change? 

Are you ready to have your last "new year, new me?" 

If you are, there is only one thing left to do.....